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ETC staff has been involved with all the regulatory and market developments in the electric, gas, telecommunications and water utilities since 1972. ETC provides a unique combination of expertise to conduct economic and technical analyses of regulatory, legislative, policy, market and litigation support issues. Located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, ETC has ready access to data and information from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other U.S. Government agencies, trade associations, and international organizations, which supplements its extensive, in-house library.
The professional staff includes economists, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineers, accountants, computer and information retrieval specialists, all with graduate degrees in their field. In addition ETC has working relationships with experts in related fields who provide additional support. The firm's clients include public utility commissions, municipalities, rural electric cooperatives, major corporations, federal government agencies, state and local governments, law firms, state attorneys generals, peoples' counsels and consumer advocates, commercial and industrial customers, trade associations and school districts. ETC specializes in all types of litigation support, environmental assessments and impact statements, economic, accounting and engineering analyses, and training. ETC works in close cooperation with the client throughout the project and routinely provides progress reports to clients.
ETC also published Daily FERC summarizing important FERC Orders and activities and filing of all RTOs.
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